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June 2012

If there’s a Will, there are thousand Ways!

I learned that physical distances do not really cause distances in any relationship but the lack of will power and wish that cause it.

People say they are too busy to call back home or to their loved ones but no one on this earth is so busy to do that. Even the busiest person takes out time to change his underwear or for that matter to pee (now I’m sounding disgusting but that’s the truth). So he/she can surely take out time to be in touch with their own people.

People keep complaining about many thing like being very busy or not having enough money. But these are not the real problem.

Real problem lies within people.

When people get into a relationship (GF/BF) or get married they suddenly disappear from the social gatherings. There are many reasons to it. And as every coin has two sides this problem too has two sides.

The first one is people themselves feel out of the league for such event after marriage and also they have tendency to spend all the leisure time with their partners rather than spending it with friends/relatives.

The other side is when people get married their friends think that they are busy  and will not come for a party or a day trip. Which most of the time is true but what’s the harm in inviting? You never know they might join you even if it’s for some time.

So everything comes down to one’s will to make it happen.

Until now I too was in the same league but now I have realised and I have decided to do every bit to keep in touch with my old friends, family and make their special days more special by even making international calls or sending bunch of roses.

As it’s rightly said “There’s a will, There’s a way” and I’ll moderate it a little as “if there’s a will, there are thousand ways”

We think that our life is hell complicated but on the other side the world is coming closer with the grace of technology. It’s just matter of having internet connection and you can chat with many friends at the same time. Online shopping and gifting can do at least a little to spread smile on your loved ones faces in your absence. Calling rates have gone down and even international calling is not expensive as before.

We have plenty of options to connect with our people and do the same as we would have done being with them. It’s just a matter of a will power.

Now that reminds me I have to make a call back home :).


While I was in Hibernation…

May be because I’m a software developer dealing with computers everyday or may be I’m just revising my Bio lessons, I had to use this term.

Yes, I was in ‘Hibernation’ for few weeks now. The main reason for my state I had already explained in my previous post but there was one more reason to it or you can say it was a side effect of the first reason. I literally couldn’t think of anything to write about.

But today when I was checking stats of my blog I suddenly realised that even though I’ve been inactive all this while, my blog wasn’t really :).

There had been hits and likes on my posts and sometimes comments as well. Though not like before as there was nothing new for my readers. But still few of my fellow bloggers had been so kind to honor me with some awards even in my inactive stage. It was a beautiful surprise for me.

The thanksgiving was pending for such a long time. I’m really apologizing for that.

Let me start by thanking Chanel Hason for giving me double joy with two awards.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

and One Lovely Blog Award

Next thanks to Dr. Sherry for giving me Illuminating Blogger Award 🙂

Receiving awards is always Illuminating and Inspiring 😉

Thank to all for liking my blog. Once I’m totally active I will try to illuminate some more blogs soon 🙂

Till then take care and keep blogging 🙂

What Life Says

For all those who are missing me and….

Hello everyone,

I found a need to write this post as I’m constantly receiving messages for me not being active on wordpress these days.

Well so this goes for all those who are missing me and looking forward to read my posts.

It’s been almost two weeks now. On 4th of June I flew to South Africa. It’s not my first trip to SA but life has been really tough this time and I was hell busy in sorting up things. Still something is left out. I do not have internet connection yet (accessing wordpress from office now 😉 ).

I’ve been missing it all, Facebook, Twitter and reading and writing on WordPress. It all has become part of my life. I’m so glad to know that my fellow bloggers are missing me as much as I’m missing them :).

I’m trying to sort out things ASAP so that can enjoy your company again.

Till then keep well and keep missing me 😉


What Life Says

Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer

This week’s theme looks much interesting as it’s summer in India. So there’s a room for lot many ideas and pictures for this week’s theme. But due to some personal commitments I am quite late for posting it.

For Indians, summer is incomplete without delicious and mouth-watering Mangoes. So what else could have been better to interpret summer being an Indian? 🙂

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