Hello everyone,

I found a need to write this post as I’m constantly receiving messages for me not being active on wordpress these days.

Well so this goes for all those who are missing me and looking forward to read my posts.

It’s been almost two weeks now. On 4th of June I flew to South Africa. It’s not my first trip to SA but life has been really tough this time and I was hell busy in sorting up things. Still something is left out. I do not have internet connection yet (accessing wordpress from office now 😉 ).

I’ve been missing it all, Facebook, Twitter and reading and writing on WordPress. It all has become part of my life. I’m so glad to know that my fellow bloggers are missing me as much as I’m missing them :).

I’m trying to sort out things ASAP so that can enjoy your company again.

Till then keep well and keep missing me 😉


What Life Says