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August 2012

Thinking of NOthing

          If you have ever experienced a void, absence of thoughts, then may be you’ll understand this post.

For last many days I tried to write something good, meaningful, something with which people will connect, they’ll like it and if it is good enough they’ll leave a comment. But I just couldn’t collect words or rather thoughts. Even before writing this post I wrote many lines and deleted them. I’m still fighting with my thoughts. They aren’t just in my control as before, they aren’t just flowing on the paper.

When I landed here for the second time I was real busy for initial few days, but now my life is kinda smooth. I have lotsa work in office but when I’m back I have enough time to write something or click some pictures. But don’t know why I’m just not feeling so. All I want to do is watch movies, listen to music or just lie down on the bed. For last few weeks I’m oversleeping which leads to lazy day and I end up doing absolutely nothing. I try to be social on the networking site but as long as you don’t contribute anything you receive nothing and that’s where I’m lacking these days.

For how long can you chat? For how long can you be on a call? For how long you can sit in front of the laptop specially when you working on PC in office as well? After a while it becomes really boring. You find yourself staring at the screen, waiting for one notification which is of no use. You started sounding stupid to yourself. What can be done then?


The best feeling…

I never felt like this before. Ahh, sounds very cheesy but it’s true. I’m either behaving really weird or there’s something about it. Monday blues had disappeared; I have stopped complaining about the most obvious things, I’m never lonely even when I’m alone. There’s a feeling I cannot express in words. It’s always with me, within me and it has filled my heart. Now there’s no room for sorrow, pain or anger. I only want to see, feel, hear and be good. I’m loving my work, I’m no longer scared of new challenges, I’m least bothered who’s good and who’s not as long as I’m feeling good and being good with them. This one feeling has changed my whole world, my entire being. I’m still wondering! How is it possible?

They say happiness grows when shared, same is for love. My heart so filled with it that I can no longer hold it to myself.

I wish it rains and I get drenched
As I got drenched in your love
The more you give the more I want
The thrust is forever

The best I’m feeling now
Never felt this way before
I’m in love with this feeling
Yes, I’m in love

While I was falling down

God created human beings all with different behaviour, taste, passion and interests. Some like to live peacefully, some wants to do just nothing while some are always hyper and active. We all face troubles or obstacles in our way. That’s our destiny. But when life is smooth and someone is deliberately inviting troubles is seems to be insane. And these days I’m surely being the one. First I jumped off the bridge 215 m high and now from 10000 ft. with almost 250 Km/Hr speed. Who would want to put their lives in trouble and also pay handsome amount for it? Well there are such weird people and now I’m in their club ;).

It’s my second trip to South Africa and now that I’ve seen all major tourist places here my focus is on doing some adventurous stuffs this time. And guess what! I’ve already done one and I’m all the more happy that I could do it in this month. It’s a birthday gift to myself (though in advance). After doing bungy from Bloukrans Bridge I have gained courage to do more. And then I decided to go fo Sky Diving. I was so nervous when I did bungy but this time I was very much relaxed as it was tandem dive. There was a feeling of security as the person diving with you is a professional diver and would take care of everything. But yes, anyone who’s gonna do something like this for the first time might not feel the same.

We were a group of 15 with girls in minority (as usual). Like last time I was wearing my Bugy t-shirt not to show off but to give myself a motivation. My fellow divers were so sure about me after knowing that I’ve done bungy before. So it was kinda cool :).

I was excited about dive but waking up so early (4.30 AM) was equally difficult for me. That was the only part I hated of all. We reached the Witbank Sky Diving Club by 8 AM. I had no issues with going in first few slots but then I wanted to do it with my friends and since one of them opted to go last we had to wait. And later we regratted our decision as we really had to wait for long and by then our excitement dropped down.

So finally after waiting for couple of hours it was our turn. We could see the coordinators names on the board along with ours. The co-ordinator came and handed over the suit to us and started explaining the rules. We were all geared up. The cameraman was shooting every bit.

We reached the runway where a plane was all set to take us UP.

We sat in front of the co-ordinator assigned to each one of us and the plane took off. I was already feeling happy that now I was going to accomplish one of my bucket list item. I wasn’t at all scared as I was while bungy. Looking outside the window I was enjoying the view. My co-ordinator was showing me the reading. On 10000 ft. we were supposed to jump and at 5000 ft the parachute will be opened. We were not at 10000 ft and all set to experience the thrill of being on top of the world from where everything just look so tiny.

Two of my friends jumped before me and now it was my turn. I stepped out of the plane and on count of 1,2, 3 was pushed by my co-ordinator. The cameraman was already hanging outside the plane to take our stills and video.

35 seconds of free fall, I was screaming with joy. We covered 5000 ft distance in mere 35 sec with around 250 KM/HR speed. It was breathtaking.

At the hight of 5000 ft the co-ordinator opened the parachute and we relaxed. Now it was time to just enjoy the view up and down.

The earth was looking just as it looks in google earth :).

It was quite chilling at this hight. The co-ordinator showed me some tricks with the parachute and we started spinning around. That was so fun. I felt as if I got wings and now I can fly anywhere. I wish I could just keep flying but as they say “all good has to end” this too was supposed to come to an end. we started our landing process. Observing the wind direction we started coming down and landed safely.

10000 ft, 35 sec free fall, 250 KM/HR speed and a priceless experience. You could see that on my face and in my wide smile after the successful landing :). Yippppeeeeeee! I did it :).

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