I never felt like this before. Ahh, sounds very cheesy but it’s true. I’m either behaving really weird or there’s something about it. Monday blues had disappeared; I have stopped complaining about the most obvious things, I’m never lonely even when I’m alone. There’s a feeling I cannot express in words. It’s always with me, within me and it has filled my heart. Now there’s no room for sorrow, pain or anger. I only want to see, feel, hear and be good. I’m loving my work, I’m no longer scared of new challenges, I’m least bothered who’s good and who’s not as long as I’m feeling good and being good with them. This one feeling has changed my whole world, my entire being. I’m still wondering! How is it possible?

They say happiness grows when shared, same is for love. My heart so filled with it that I can no longer hold it to myself.

I wish it rains and I get drenched
As I got drenched in your love
The more you give the more I want
The thrust is forever

The best I’m feeling now
Never felt this way before
I’m in love with this feeling
Yes, I’m in love