If you have ever experienced a void, absence of thoughts, then may be you’ll understand this post.

For last many days I tried to write something good, meaningful, something with which people will connect, they’ll like it and if it is good enough they’ll leave a comment. But I just couldn’t collect words or rather thoughts. Even before writing this post I wrote many lines and deleted them. I’m still fighting with my thoughts. They aren’t just in my control as before, they aren’t just flowing on the paper.

When I landed here for the second time I was real busy for initial few days, but now my life is kinda smooth. I have lotsa work in office but when I’m back I have enough time to write something or click some pictures. But don’t know why I’m just not feeling so. All I want to do is watch movies, listen to music or just lie down on the bed. For last few weeks I’m oversleeping which leads to lazy day and I end up doing absolutely nothing. I try to be social on the networking site but as long as you don’t contribute anything you receive nothing and that’s where I’m lacking these days.

For how long can you chat? For how long can you be on a call? For how long you can sit in front of the laptop specially when you working on PC in office as well? After a while it becomes really boring. You find yourself staring at the screen, waiting for one notification which is of no use. You started sounding stupid to yourself. What can be done then?