I have been an emotional fool all these years but this corporate world has taught me so much that now I choose my friends wisely. “Man is a social animal” and yes I’m a human being and I love to socialize. But the problem comes when there is an attachment with people. Expectations, dependencies make you weak. Especially when you are emotionally dependent on someone. That person can be a friend or someone special. But when emotions come it screws everything.

They say “happiness lies within”… *conditions apply. It can only be within yourself as long as you are not emotionally attached to anyone. ‘Today he didn’t talk to me, I’m feeling sad’. ‘She fought with me, now my entire day is spoiled’. How often does this happen to you? If you are in a relationship then the frequency is much higher. You skip your meal, you can not sleep at night, you can’t focus on your tasks, you feel lonely, dealing with headache after crying all night; all because you are emotionally dependent on others.

I have experienced both, seen my friends going through all the torture and I’m so enjoying my single-hood now. No need to answer calls at absurd times, no restrictions, no need to inform about my whereabouts and no explanations for any of my actions, no fights over which movie to watch or where to eat, no jealousy or room for doubts. And most important…no dramas. Live your life the way you want and let others live too ;).

Like few of my posts even this gonna invite lotsa controversies but as I always say, it’s my space and I believe I have freedom to write what I feel is right. And now I feel “Happy to be single :)”