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October 2012

Mirage – Trying to move on

When you are staying away from your family, in altogether different country, the people around you are the only family. I left my family behind, I left the person I loved so much…sorry I love so much. I have all the reasons to be upset, sit and cry but who’ll listen to my cry, who’ll spend his/her precious time in consoling me or entertain me? No one actually. So I have decided not to do any of this. I sure wanna make friends but don’t wanna open all the chapters of my life in front of any body and get emotionally attached and get hurt. I’ll be the one taking care of myself, so there’s no scope for any sorrow or regret. I’m going to live my life happily, may be at times it’ll need me do stupid things but I’m gonna do all it takes to keep myself happy. No one likes to see frown face, even I won’t like to see that in mirror. So yes, I’m going to be happy.


no more fashion disaster 😉


1. Foot faux pas:

  • Athletic shoes and jeans: Not okay, ever. Ballet flats or boots are practical alternatives.

  • Socks and sandals: Ditto. Nope, not even for you Grandpa.

  • Statement Socks: I don’t care that Carly Rae Jepson wore socks with stilettos on her album cover; she’s now down to 14 minutes.  Proof that no good comes from electing Ugly Betty as your fashion icon.

  • Commuting Casual (i.e. suits with sneakers): Trying to commute in heels is not high on any woman’s To-Do List, but wearing sneakers with a Versace suit runs the risk of having people peg you as the crazy lady on the bus. I recommend Dr. Scholl’s roll-up flats for a less appalling alternative.

  • Crocs: Just because Crocs are comfortable does not make them socially acceptable. There is plenty of comfortable footwear out there that doesn’t look like it was custom-designed for an obese nurse who moonlights as…

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I loved the poem written by Just Spoken Thoughts as much as I loved watching this 2 min love story..the words go so well with the pictures

just spoken thoughts

Most of you might have seen Pixar’s UP. I have a craze for animated movies. But also, this movie had the best 2 minute love story anyone could have ever told.

I’ve tried to put a little poem sort of thing with the pictures. Hope you’ll like it.









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