no more fashion disaster 😉


1. Foot faux pas:

  • Athletic shoes and jeans: Not okay, ever. Ballet flats or boots are practical alternatives.

  • Socks and sandals: Ditto. Nope, not even for you Grandpa.

  • Statement Socks: I don’t care that Carly Rae Jepson wore socks with stilettos on her album cover; she’s now down to 14 minutes.  Proof that no good comes from electing Ugly Betty as your fashion icon.

  • Commuting Casual (i.e. suits with sneakers): Trying to commute in heels is not high on any woman’s To-Do List, but wearing sneakers with a Versace suit runs the risk of having people peg you as the crazy lady on the bus. I recommend Dr. Scholl’s roll-up flats for a less appalling alternative.

  • Crocs: Just because Crocs are comfortable does not make them socially acceptable. There is plenty of comfortable footwear out there that doesn’t look like it was custom-designed for an obese nurse who moonlights as…

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