One more name in the list of kind people on WordPress – Tracie. She’s an amazing photographer and very nice person. Though I haven’t yet got a chance to meet her in person but she has given me something very personal. A card all the way from Australia couriered on my address in India. The card sent by Tracie as she promised.

There are few more lucky people who received these cards. These cards are printed with Tracie’s photographs specially for her fellow bloggers on WordPress.

One day I saw her post “Free Give Away“. She was willing to give away these cards to those who will reply ASAP. I was last one in the list…quite lucky. But then she extended this offer to other bloggers who couldn’t make it for it but have been her consistent commentator. That was really kind of her.

This card will always remind me of her kindness. Thanks Tracie for a wonderful gift 🙂 and sorry for the (too) late post