While we complain about society creating taboo about periods(MC) how many of us girls really go out of our way, step out of our comfort zones and do what we do otherwise on normal days?

Like many other Indian middle class girls, I too belong to a society and a family where we are not allowed to visit temples during that time of the month, not only that, some of us are treated like untouchables as if it is a disease which will spread over.

The only bold step I hear someone taking is visiting temples or attending poojas during their periods. My question to these girls is, what did you really achieve? If you are anyway not frequent to temples then what difference did it make?

While I do not say what they were right or wrong but I feel there’s lot more that we girls ourselves need to do to break this taboo.

Remember all these sanitary napkin ads which claim o give you an ultimate freedom to go out and live your life as you would on normal days? For me breaking taboo would be doing something like that.

While I totally understand being a girl who bleeds 5 days a month every month every year the discomfort and pain we do experience during that time, I also know that many of us only say no to a road trip or a night out or even a party just because we are on our periods.

How many times have we tried to break our own walls and experience the life than feeling miserable sitting at home? How many of us traveled to even nearby place rather than PMSing? How many of us talk about our periods in front of our male friends/colleagues? How many of us do not hesitate to use washroom outside or at friend’a place?

Yes, there are problems when it comes to traveling for long hours specially in India as we do not have clean public toilets, sometimes the toilets don’t even exist. This becomes really challenging but at the same time those who go trekking, do not get these facilities always, even when you might be in USA.

Just think about it , 5 days a month, which makes 60 days in a year i.e. 2 complete months in a year we are wasting limiting ourselves. 2 months out of 12, we are not using to the fullest. Then why do we complain about the society? I realized how much I restricted myself when I first traveled from Pune to Gujarat in a train on my 3rd day and it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. And very recently to Hampi on my first day of period, I spent all my those days in Hampi traveling and enjoying the place.

Before we change the society we need to change our mindset. We need to set ourselves free. It’s us who need to break this taboo, right here right now.