I was young and single and was enjoying every bit of it. Be it partying, shopping, dancing, boozing, seeing new places or achieving my career goals. And then I found you and I realized that my life is too good but it can be better with you.

I faced many challenges in my life with lot of courage, overcame many of my fears but one thing that freaked me out was an idea of carrying a baby inside me for 9 moths and going through unbearable pain to bring it into this world. But then you held my hand, looked into my eyes with so much conviction and promised that we are together in this and it gave me courage to face the biggest fear of my life. I could do it only because you were always by my side.

I was afraid of getting old, having wrinkled skin, grey hair and a weak body but you never failed to tell me how I’m still beautiful and how lucky you are to have me in your life.

I truly found myself because I found You!