My attempt to write fictional love story and the counterpart written by Diana

Mirage – An Incomplete Love Story
The last ray of hope has disappeared. I’m lost in the darkness, a never-ending wait. Will he ever come and rescue me? Will he ever understand me and my feelings? will he ever feel my heartbeats? Will I ever find answers to these questions?

Chaos – The Other End Of The Story
And what if I am falling for her? What if she already has somebody else in her mind? Oh no! In so many years, why didn’t I ever ask her?? I am such an idiot!! 

Mirage – Coffee Date
He was supposed to hit the place directly after work. So I reached the cafe first, reserved the place with best view. It was drizzling since morning creating the perfect romantic atmosphere. I was eager to see him. Nothing looked good in his absence, the aroma of coffee, the smell of earth, nothing at all.

Chaos – The Missed Coffee Date
I mean she had called twice to confirm it and both the times I acted as if I am a total freebie. Maybe she had something in her mind, I wonder what it might be? I should have said no to her at the first time itself. I knew I would be busy.
But then, why didn’t I deny?

Mirage – Movie Time
There was only one problem. What if in theater I couldn’t get to sit beside him? I can’t even try hard for it and make it obvious. My all efforts will be in vain if I don’t get the right seat. Oh GOd! please help your poor child.

Chaos – The Movie Time
I don’t know why, but for the first time in my life, I was being so conscious about myself. Frankly speaking, I was not even able to concentrate on the movie. I don’t remember a single joke! But even she was not laughing much. Thank God! Maybe it was a lame movie!

Mirage – Living with a Hope
Tonight again I felt so badly that I should tell him how much I’m in love with him, how restless I feel when I don’t see him for days together, how many sleepless nights I’ve been through thinking about him, how I’m hiding all my pain from everyone and dying every second. How I wish I could say all that, how I wish he could understand that without me speaking a word, how I wish he could be all mine.

Chaos – The Perfect Morning
Keeping aside all the feelings but one, I went straight to her. I didn’t know what I was doing. But still, with full confidence, I went on my knees and –

Mirage – Let the Time decide
Why??? Why can’t you be with me. All that you fear is to lose a great friend? But what if we make good pair? And even if we have to break it in future we can do that on good terms and still can be friends. Oh! How should I convince him. He’s too stubborn to listen to me. Let the time decide.

Chaos – The Night After The Morning
But, no. I am never going to ask her. I mean two friends, no – two very good friends, no – two very good childhood friends can never – ever be in a relationship. So anyway I am never going to ask her, so there is no question of her denying, Yes, Right. I am never going to ask her, even though I love her. No, I just think I like her.

Mirage – Dream Come True
But still I was thinking about the message. What was it about? Why does he want to meet me? And why did he ask me to wear the best dress? Is he taking me somewhere? Somewhere special? Is he gonna ask me out? OMG… if he does…I was getting super excited. And what if nothing happens as I’m expecting it to? It’s better not to keep any expectations. Accept it as it comes.

Chaos – The Unexpected Cafe Date
“So that day, you had something to tell?”
“Which day?”
“We had planned to meet?”
“Oh! That day! Nothing important as such”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course”
“I don’t think so.”
“But thats the thing, nothing important, I was bored”
“Is this my punishment?”
“No-o! Seriously.”
“Then tell me”

Mirage – Marriage Proposal
4 missed calls? I checked my mobile. It was him trying to reach me. I cursed myself for being so ignorant. How can I miss his calls. I immediately called him. As soon as he picked up the call he almost shouted at me. “Now you involved our parents into this? I told you right I don’t want to be in it. Why don’t you get it?

Chaos – Marriage Proposal

I was in my room, thinking about my conversation with mom. Did I over react? I mean, I could have explained it calmly. My room door was open. I heard my mom talking to someone on phone.
I tried to listen it clearly –

Mirage – Sayonara

I was never so close to his heart but now destiny is taking us apart, thousand miles apart. I ‘m flying to US tonight. This was dream come true, I’m supposed to be very happy. Not everyone get this chance so early in their career. I was quite lucky. Even though I wasn’t happy. The only idea of leaving him was pinching me hard. And it was time for me to actually leave everything behind, everything close to my heart. It was very important for me to go to US at the same time else would have refused to go. I was feeling so helpless. I was suffocating. 

Chaos – Good Bye

I was looking outside the window, at the lonely streetlight, thinking. I don’t know for how long I was doing this. But her thoughts didn’t allow me to stop thinking.  Thought of her last hug…I wish to hold her in my arms for ever. I wish to wipe all her tears with my hands…I wanted her to stay, I wanted to tell her “don’t go, I need you, I am ready to spend rest of my life with you”