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On My Anniversary!!!

Whoa ho ho ho!!! I just can’t believe it’s been a year now. Looks like it’s just been few days. A year ago, on the same day and the same place I entered into a new world, met new people, found new family.  Yessss!!! My blog just completed a year. What were you thinking?? 😉

This one year has been really exciting with 106 posts, 4 pages, 158 followers, 9 awards and unlimited appreciation. And what a coincidence!! Just before I completed a year I received “Bog of the year” award :). With all the love that I received from my fellow bloggers and readers I could reach this point and will continue this beautiful journey.


With Love,

What Life Says


Blog of The Year…..

Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing? Well, I have been missing for such a long time that may be most of you are now used to of my absence ;). So I’m here again to poke you.

I’ve been wanting to write a lot since long time but couldn’t collect any thoughts. Thanks to Sapna who woke me up and gave me the Biggest reason of the year…Blog of the year award!!!

Blog of the Year Award banner 600

Well that’s very surprising, exciting and unbelievable thing for me (just as for most of you :P). It’s not been even a year that I started blogging and receiving such award at such point is so heart-warming. Great end of the year!!!

Thanks a ton Sapna and congrats on receiving one.

With Love,

What Life Says


Making this day special for YOU too!

You might have already read my posts about my recent awards. I carried out all my responsibilities after receiving these awards except one and the most important is to give away these awards to those who deserve.

So let me do this noble cause on this my very special day 🙂 and let me make it special to the chosen ones too :).

Starting with One lovely blog award.

1. A beginner this blog grabbed my attention when she started writing about the other side of my fiction story..though she calls herself beginner she has got the talent and hence I would like to give her this award

2. Mozuqu Noir she is so experimental with her canon camera.

3. Bernard Van Velsen I love his pictures too

4. Tracie Louise One of my favorites 🙂

5. Just Spoken Thoughts very poetic

Next the Illuminating Blogger Award and it goes to

1. Steven Tze great pictures

2. My story to you

3. Evil Nymph Stuff she’s one of the sweet little blogger

4. Kenneth Todd

5. David Oak he taught me that the age is no bar to do the things you like.

Congrats to the winners…cheers!!!

With Love

What Life Says

While I was in Hibernation…

May be because I’m a software developer dealing with computers everyday or may be I’m just revising my Bio lessons, I had to use this term.

Yes, I was in ‘Hibernation’ for few weeks now. The main reason for my state I had already explained in my previous post but there was one more reason to it or you can say it was a side effect of the first reason. I literally couldn’t think of anything to write about.

But today when I was checking stats of my blog I suddenly realised that even though I’ve been inactive all this while, my blog wasn’t really :).

There had been hits and likes on my posts and sometimes comments as well. Though not like before as there was nothing new for my readers. But still few of my fellow bloggers had been so kind to honor me with some awards even in my inactive stage. It was a beautiful surprise for me.

The thanksgiving was pending for such a long time. I’m really apologizing for that.

Let me start by thanking Chanel Hason for giving me double joy with two awards.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

and One Lovely Blog Award

Next thanks to Dr. Sherry for giving me Illuminating Blogger Award 🙂

Receiving awards is always Illuminating and Inspiring 😉

Thank to all for liking my blog. Once I’m totally active I will try to illuminate some more blogs soon 🙂

Till then take care and keep blogging 🙂

What Life Says

A Thank You note

With every award my responsibility of writing better posts is increasing. No matter how many awards I’m getting and how many times I’m receiving one the excitement is still the same.

I’m receiving “The Versatile Blogger” award for the third time now, and I’m so thankful to Prakshi for giving me this honor. She’s such a sweetheart. Do check her blog.


What Life Says

Makes me believe I’m a Versatile!

Am I being too humble for anyone to believe? But seriously I still think my posts are not up to the mark. They have bigger scope for improvement and I have lots to achieve. But today again I had second thought. Reason…one more “Versatile Blogger” award. Thanks to Creative Boys for the honor :). He’s as creative as his name. It really makes me believe to some point that people like my posts to the extend to give me such awards :).

As I’m receiving this for the second time I have nothing more to write but to thank each and every person who even for once read my blog, liked it or commented on it, all my fellow bloggers for their constant appreciation and inspiration through their great blogs and I really mean it.

Thanks a ton,


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