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My Bucket List

I have been reading my fellow bloggers’ posts about their bucket list. And today at breakfast time when I was discussing with my colleagues about my plans to explore some places and some new things I thought it’s a high time that I should prepare a bucket list of my own.

Born and brought up in Mumbai city but I hardly have explored it. And that’s kind of shameful thing according to my friends from other cities who have seen more of Mumbai than me. Sop Exploring my own city, “Mumbai” is gonna be on top of my list.

I have already expressed my wish to taste the Indian cousins and other delicacies in my earlier post. I also need to plan out something to stay fit and look better as described in my New Year post. And I have some crazy thing to try out too.

So here’s my bucket list:

  1. Explore Mumbai
  2. Taste varieties of delicacies
  3. Cook new dishes.
  4. Practice Yoga everyday
  5. Sky diving
  6. Whale watching
  7. Helicopter tour
  8. Trekking
  9. Camping
  10. Watch a movie in theater without any friends.
  11. Visit at least one place in every state in India.
  12. Paragliding and parasailing
  13. River rafting
  14. Learn driving a car.
  15. Get a ride of Harley Davidson bike.
  16. Spend quality time with my family and friends.
  17. Buy SLR (specially for my blogs as I want to post pics clicked by me than downloading from internet)
  18. Take care of my skin and hair. No matter if I’ll have to visit parlor more frequently 😉
  19. Get new haircut.
  20. Gift mom-dad a tour to South Africa (if I’ll be there) or some other country.
  21. Sing in karaoke.
  22. Wish to see live street dance.
  23. Attend music concert.
  24. Watch live international cricket match in stadium. (Though I’m not a cricket fan but just to try something new)
  25. Learn at least one new language.
  26. Try some part time job or business.
  27. Attend Kala Ghoda art festival next time. (This art festival happens in Mumbai at Kala Ghoda every year and this year it just ended few days back…my bad luck)
  28. Get portfolio done(for my own sake 🙂 )
  29. Add some cool stuff in my wardrobe.
  30. Write more versatile blogs (so that I can get versatile blogger award and more…lol)
  31. And last but not the least, get more than 1000 followers for my blog 🙂

What makes you happy?

  You call it hobby, passion or anything you want to…but everyone has something which works out as stress buster. The music, art, dance, cooking….it comes in different forms…it gives you mere joy and brings smile on your face…some make it their profession some just enjoy it in their leisure times. This is what makes you happy and keep going.

  For me it’s always the love for Dance. I’m not a great dancer but ever since I remember I found myself tapping feet to the song. I started dancing watching my elder sis dance. Watching videos on television and trying my best to get that one step I practiced on every Bollywood HIT song. Never joined any classes but made sure that I perform on every stage…in schools, college and even in my office annual festival…Made most of the practice sessions to improve my dancing skills.

  I have a collection of dance track in my laptop and my iPod. You’ll always find me listening to songs even while working in office ;). For this only reason mom used to scold at me when I used to study listening to music or watching TV in parallel. I have this thing in me…whenever I listen to any dance track I start visualising it and thinking how it can be choreographed. I can’t stop myself moving with music. It feels like the music is running in my veins. I’m always in search of an opportunity to go to disc and set myself free with the bits.

  People who can really dance well…I feel utmost respect for them especially when girls dance as good as boys…hip hop or salsa or classical. I feel charged up watching them dancing. I need no drug or alcohol, Dance makes me forget my worries, makes me forget rest of the world. I wish I could dance like JLo or Beyonce not to show off but for it will make me happier.



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