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Weekly Photo Challenge – Together

Together we eat, together we shop, together we smile, together we have fun.

That’s our friendship, together we cherish :).

My college gang

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Inspired by Asian Street Food

From the time I have come to Pune I’ve been exploring many food joints, restaurants and food corners. My search for new places led me to this newly opened restaurant called “Malaka Street” in Phoenix Marketcity mall.

A typical Thai auto outside the restaurant was all set to welcome every foodie.

Though it’s called street food joint it serves much more than that. The very authentic Asian food from Thailand, Malaysia and Japan with quite interesting beverages.

The Thai food is very similar to “Konkani Food” in a way fresh coconut is used in curries and banana leaves for serving. So it’s always safe for me to order it being “Konkani”. The taste of Thai red curry is more or less similar to one of curries. Except that we serve it plain or with prawns only.

The ambience gives the feel of streets in Thailand or Malaysia.

I liked the use of telephone booth on a street as a smoking area.

Menu was quite interesting with some very interesting names.

We ordered Vegetable Satay for the starters and it ensured of the tasty treat.

Here’s the main course: “Kari Kapitan with Kanai Roti”. Sounds like some Indian cousine.

It was served with one of the mocktails of one’s choice as complimentary. The only name which caught my attention was “Thailand Aati Kya” …it remined me of a Hindi song “Aati Kya Khandala“…lol (aati kya – are you coming? in Hindi 😉 )

I was laughing for almost 10 minutes even while placing an order and to make sure I asked the waiter if it was pronounced the same way ;).

With mesmerizing Thai music we enjoyed our dinner. The taste of food and the ambience was amazing and I must say we really had great time trying something new…The Asian Street Food at one place…”Malaka Street”.

Human Vulture

         I’m not a photographer, photography isn’t even my passion, it’s just that I like taking pictures. The intention varies, sometimes it is just to treasure those beautiful moments, sometimes it is just to test the creative side of mine. But ever since I started clicking pictures I had promised one thing to myself, I’ll never portray the helpless people, the poor child and crying hearts. I feel it’s very inhuman. Someone is hungry and we are trying  to earn bread and butter by selling its pictures. Such a shameful act! Moreover I really doubt how many photographers must be offering some money or food to those poor hands whom they are clicking?

Long time back one such picture was being circulated through mails. I saw it and it really made me cry.

The caption also mentioned that the photographer committed suicide after three months of clicking that picture. The scenario was so dreadful. I cried for the child in the picture but not for the person who clicked it and committed suicide out of depression. Why should I and why should anybody else? Reading the caption only one thing came in my mind. When that person knew that the child is hungry and he/she will die soon with no food then why didn’t he feed him or why didn’t he help him to reach the food camp? What did he achieve by clicking the picture? Few applauds, some sympathy or handsome money? How impossible or difficult was it? He could have not only saved the child but saved his own life too. Depression caused by his own act or may be lack of action.

Who’s the real vulture here? The one waiting for the child to die or the one who is happy or proud that he got some real good shot? Seriously, are we being so materialistic and inhuman?

On our day!

8th March, International Women’s Day. I feel very special on this day just as I feel special on my birthday and I feel proud to be one of these species. I tend to observe every woman walking on road or working in next cubicle wondering whether she’s too feeling the same. 

I can tell you the success stories of women in India or for that matter in world but this time I would like to share stories of women in my life who have moulded me and inspired me throughout to become what I am today and I wish to meet many more to add to this list. Inspiration is always good.

The Creator

For any human being the first inspiration and guide is his/her mother.  I am no exception. My mom is simple but very strict and she knows very well how to handle different kinds of people and any kind of situation. I call her homemaker and not housewife as without her there’s no home; there’s no family. She has an ability to even manage events like marriage single-handedly. She always inspires me for the ultimate enthusiasm she shows and the knowledge she has. When she walks on a street there is hardly any person who doesn’t greet her. It takes her 30 mins to cover 5 mins distance. She needs no Facebook. She has her own social network. She is a great cook and loves to feed people. Even though she personally didn’t teach me how to cook but I believe it’s in my genes and it comes out when I’m cooking.

Thanks “Aai” for inheriting all these good qualities in me.

The Guide

10 to 12 years of schooling is a real foundation of your personality and teacher are your ultimate guides. I’ll tell you about two of my teachers here.

The first one was our sports teacher. She might be the only female sports teacher in our school in those days. She always encouraged us to play different kinds of sports and because of her only I could take part in Inter-school kho-kho tournament. Else I’m not actually a sports person.

The other one was our language teacher. In entire school our class was known as her own kids and for any mischief or achievement she would get credit just as ones parents would get.

Both of our teachers helped us in school and even outside school, a continuous guidance.

The Companion

I have two sisters. Both elder to me so I had and am always been treated nicely. I never had to buy even smallest things like nail-paint as they used to give me everything I needed. I never had to do any household work until they got married. I used to just study and play with my friends :).

Of course I have some lovely friends of school time, college time and some colleagues turned friends. They all inspire me in one or the other way. Someone is very stylish, someone is sporty, someone sings well, someone is carrier-oriented and someone is a family person. They are not just friends in need but they truly helped me in becoming better person.

I’m very lucky to have so many inspirational souls around me. They all are special. In fact every woman is special as she has the capability to create and mould.

My Bucket List

I have been reading my fellow bloggers’ posts about their bucket list. And today at breakfast time when I was discussing with my colleagues about my plans to explore some places and some new things I thought it’s a high time that I should prepare a bucket list of my own.

Born and brought up in Mumbai city but I hardly have explored it. And that’s kind of shameful thing according to my friends from other cities who have seen more of Mumbai than me. Sop Exploring my own city, “Mumbai” is gonna be on top of my list.

I have already expressed my wish to taste the Indian cousins and other delicacies in my earlier post. I also need to plan out something to stay fit and look better as described in my New Year post. And I have some crazy thing to try out too.

So here’s my bucket list:

  1. Explore Mumbai
  2. Taste varieties of delicacies
  3. Cook new dishes.
  4. Practice Yoga everyday
  5. Sky diving
  6. Whale watching
  7. Helicopter tour
  8. Trekking
  9. Camping
  10. Watch a movie in theater without any friends.
  11. Visit at least one place in every state in India.
  12. Paragliding and parasailing
  13. River rafting
  14. Learn driving a car.
  15. Get a ride of Harley Davidson bike.
  16. Spend quality time with my family and friends.
  17. Buy SLR (specially for my blogs as I want to post pics clicked by me than downloading from internet)
  18. Take care of my skin and hair. No matter if I’ll have to visit parlor more frequently 😉
  19. Get new haircut.
  20. Gift mom-dad a tour to South Africa (if I’ll be there) or some other country.
  21. Sing in karaoke.
  22. Wish to see live street dance.
  23. Attend music concert.
  24. Watch live international cricket match in stadium. (Though I’m not a cricket fan but just to try something new)
  25. Learn at least one new language.
  26. Try some part time job or business.
  27. Attend Kala Ghoda art festival next time. (This art festival happens in Mumbai at Kala Ghoda every year and this year it just ended few days back…my bad luck)
  28. Get portfolio done(for my own sake 🙂 )
  29. Add some cool stuff in my wardrobe.
  30. Write more versatile blogs (so that I can get versatile blogger award and more…lol)
  31. And last but not the least, get more than 1000 followers for my blog 🙂

Indulging in the Taste of India!

           So here I am back to my land after six long months. Oh I’ve been missing it for many reasons, the good and the bad; right from the morning to the night. I missed the crowd here, I missed the life, I missed the rides on bike and I missed roaming at night. But above all (except for missing my people) I missed the ultimate, mouth watering food. Some people don’t like it much for the amount of spices and oil used but that’s what I had for almost 26 years. It’s running in my veins with blood. I always preferred “Ma ke hath ka khana” (homemade food cooked by mom) right from school days to even when I started working. And that’ the reason even if I go to restaurants I prefer eating Indian cuisines.

         Indian cuisines have widest varieties in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and the desserts…just muuuwa! India has more than 26 states and every state has its own taste (and probably that why Indian people are foodie). But don’t worry; you need not travel the whole country to taste all these dishes. The cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi serve you everything.

          In this trip I have certain goals to achieve some personal some professional but along with that I’m gonna give my taste buds treat by having all that which I’ve been missing for so long. 

     So to start with “Ma ke hath ka khana” following some Indian desserts. I never like to sit back at home on the weekends. Will be going shopping, movie and of course to some good restaurants and Dhabas (small local restaurants originated from Punjab…a state in north of India). Paneer tikka, butter chicken, fish curry, tangy chaats, pav-bhaji, lassi, buttermilk and the list goes on.


     Now the time for some non- Indian food, the Chocó-lava cake. Oh I just love it that on my last Birthday I cut Chocó-lava instead of usual big cake. The dominos serve a nice one (or at least I like it) and how can I forget sizzling brownie with  vanilla ice-cream. It’s the only sizzling dish I like.

    Here’s something from AamchiMumbai (our Mumbai) special, Juhu’s Natural ice-cream, the tender coconut flavour. I’m happy that I can get it in other cities too.

       I’m all set to dive in the ocean of taste until the next visit (and of course till my tummy permits )

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