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Yoga – My life savior


I always had been physically active person. Since childhood I was into sports and dance. Dance had been very integral part of my life which I continued even when I graduated and stepped into corporate life. But there came a time when I had to discontinue my dance classes due to work pressure and deadlines. That is when this sedentary lifestyle took a toll on my health. It is the time when I developed acidity. This was the time when I lost my father which had major impact on my mental health as well. I was depressed and I wasn’t able to let the pain out. After few months I started suffering from severe backache. Initially I ignored it as it was just a backache which I hoped to go away but it continued and it got worse. So much that every night I used to get up at around 3-4 AM as I couldn’t sleep with back paining to extreme. I used to try to sleep in sitting position. Lack of sleep worsen my health. And to top it the stress and depression was acting as catalyst. My face also started having reaction which later when consulted to doctor I learned that it was an eczema. This skin condition is caused majorly due to stress and tension and the back pain did not let me sleep which led to even more stressed days and nights.

I consulted couple of physiotherapist for my back issue but none gave me relief. Finally my friend recommended one physiotherapist (which was apparently was his friend). She examined me. She made me do Bhujangasana for couple of times in her clinic itself and surprisingly I felt little relief right after that. She explained me why it happened. Due to the lifestyle I have, I spend majority of my time sitting in front of computer. The other exercises that I used to do involved forward bending. All this caused my spine to get stiff and there was not enough flexibility. Now I knew I needed to bend myself both ways.


I started searching for other asanas which would help bring more flexibility to my back and spine. I started practicing these asanas. I also took this opportunity to achieve my long standing goal of reducing belly fat now that I had to exercise daily for having good night sleep. Within few months my back pain was gone and buried away. And I also managed to reduce my belly fat. The results were so motivating that I wanted to try more and more asanas. I wanted to increase flexibility of my entire body.

In this journey, yoga not only helped me cure my back pain and reduce belly fat but also helped me become more calm, mentally stable and happier person. Every time I try new asana it gives me a sense of achievement and it keep me going. A part of my heart is taken away with my dad which can never be recovered but now I can live with it in stronger way. My mental and physical health I owe it all to Yoga. It is truly a life savior for me.

Stay fit, stay happy.



Coz I was born this way

“Emotional, stubborn, short-tempered, bi-polar….” I have many adjectives and many good ones too ūüėČ . The good or the bad, they all are part of me, they make my nature, they make me as an individual and different. Some can adjust with them others cannot. Those who accept me as I am become my friends, forever; those who don’t, well it’s their problem. I’m good with those who are good to me, and others … they don’t really exist for me.

I don’t like to waste my weekends sitting idle at home. I’m fun-loving person who loves to party, go out with friends, explore new places. I love to go shopping, get dressed nicely and can’t stand people with horrible dressing-sense. I may spend handsome amount on a dress and may not wear it for even once if I don’t like it anymore. And like many girls I want something new for every occasion. I’m not so foodie but don’t like to visit the same restaurant every time.

I think too much and act weird sometimes.¬†I can forgive my enemies but cannot forget what they did to me. I cannot pretend to be good if I don’t like someone. And if I like someone I tell them upfront.I love to pamper my friends (and the special friend too ūüôā ) and love to get pampered. ¬†I don’t talk to strangers and want others to approach me. And then you think I have an attitude problem? Well, that’s the way I am. Love selflessly and hate completely.

My dad keeps telling me to change, have control on my anger. May be he’s not completely wrong, but if I change myself then I won’t be myself anymore. I won’t be me and I don’t wanna lose ME. I ain’t a bad girl and even if I do, I was born this way.

Mirage – Continues

It’s been more than 4 months I haven’t seen him..I haven’t even talked to him, not even had a chat. But there hasn’t been a single day that I didn’t miss him. Everyday, every moment, every single second his on my mind. I only know how I’m controlling myself. It’s hard not to message him when I see him online or not call him when I have his number stored in my mobile. But even he didn’t tried to contact me. I guess he doesn’t want to make it happen. He is deliberately¬†avoiding me. But he can at least talk to me as a friend.

I think now even I should move on. Is it possible for me? No doubt it’s the most difficult thing for me right now but he left me with no option. The more I try to catch the more it seems to go away. I’ll leave it to destiny now. I’m too tired to fight with my fate.

Note: I had been writing this series of fictional story. For some reason I had discontinued it. Thanks to Diana, who writes the other side of the story, for getting me back with it.

Making this day special for YOU too!

You might have already read my posts about my recent awards. I carried out all my responsibilities after receiving these awards except one and the most important is to give away these awards to those who deserve.

So let me do this noble cause on this my very special day ūüôā and let me make it special to the chosen ones too :).

Starting with One lovely blog award.

1. A beginner this blog grabbed my attention when she started writing about the other side of my fiction story..though she calls herself beginner she has got the talent and hence I would like to give her this award

2. Mozuqu Noir she is so experimental with her canon camera.

3. Bernard Van Velsen I love his pictures too

4. Tracie Louise¬†One of my favorites ūüôā

5. Just Spoken Thoughts very poetic

Next the Illuminating Blogger Award and it goes to

1. Steven Tze great pictures

2. My story to you

3. Evil Nymph Stuff¬†she’s one of the sweet little blogger

4. Kenneth Todd

5. David Oak he taught me that the age is no bar to do the things you like.

Congrats to the winners…cheers!!!

With Love

What Life Says

Love makes me confused

‘Made for each other’ , ‘Deeply in love’, ‘Like¬†Romeo and Juliet‘ , sometimes these phrases seems so stupid and the love-birds starts chirping over my head as if I ¬†have banged my head on something hard.

Love, quite sensitive topic and after reading my post people are gonna almost kill me with their comments. But doesn’t matter, this is my space to express my views.

What is love?…Ahhhh…chuck it. Here I’m not gonna discuss about the love between brothers and sisters, between mom and daughter bla bla. I’m gonna talk about love between a guy and a girl.

Well most of the times I feel there exists no such feeling called love between a boy and a girl. (Grrrrr….here I’m gonna get one big slap). So before you do that let me explain it further.

Let me give you an example. The best friends turned partners. (I really don’t understand this combination). This is a typical scenario where a girl and a boy are friends for many years and finally realize they are in love with each other. (Basic plot of many¬†Indian movies). I find it so immature (here I get another slap).

There is a famous dialog of¬†Hindi movie¬†which goes like ‘a girl and a boy can never be friends’ (WTH).

So what I think in this case that these best friends are so used to of each other, spending time together, roaming around, seeing each other everyday that when they go with someone else or they separate for some reason they feel a void which is misunderstood as LOVE. Whereas it’s mere a habit, you are habitual of being with that person that you start missing him/her. And because of such immature people other best friends have to face such torturous¬†dialog.

Yes, it is absolutely just a habit. Have you ever tried to stay away from your best friend a little longer without thinking that what you feel is love and without making efforts to call frequently? If you do that you will surely realize it yourself and you’ll not miss him/her that badly. Why don’t you feel the same for the friend of same-sex? Their absence is acceptable. You just move ahead by saying you miss them but you won’t accept that it can be love. Why not? Because that will make you sound like a gay or lesbian. Then why do you label your friendship with your best friend of opposite sex as LOVE?

I feel a love can be a feeling which doesn’t fade away with time and distance neither it requires a distance to realize. And without even trying hard to keep it alive if you can still feel the same for your best friend then it is surely the love else I would say stop fooling yourself and your friendship.

If there’s a Will, there are thousand Ways!

I learned that physical distances do not really cause distances in any relationship but the lack of will power and wish that cause it.

People say they are too busy to call back home or to their loved ones but no one on this earth is so busy to do that. Even the busiest person takes out time to change his underwear or for that matter to pee (now I’m sounding disgusting but that’s the truth). So he/she can surely take out time to be in touch with their own people.

People keep complaining about many thing like being very busy or not having enough money. But these are not the real problem.

Real problem lies within people.

When people get into a relationship (GF/BF) or get married they suddenly disappear from the social gatherings. There are many reasons to it. And as every coin has two sides this problem too has two sides.

The first one is people themselves feel out of the league for such event after marriage and also they have tendency to spend all the leisure time with their partners rather than spending it with friends/relatives.

The other side is when people get married their friends think that they are busy¬† and will not come for a party or a day trip. Which most of the time is true but what’s the harm in inviting? You never know they might join you even if it’s for some time.

So everything comes down to one’s will to make it happen.

Until now I too was in the same league but now I have realised and I have decided to do every bit to keep in touch with my old friends, family and make their special days more special by even making international calls or sending bunch of roses.

As it’s rightly said “There’s a will, There’s a way” and I’ll moderate it a little as “if there’s a will, there are thousand ways”

We think that our life is hell complicated but on the other side the world is coming closer with the grace of technology. It’s just matter of having internet connection and you can chat with many friends at the same time. Online shopping and gifting can do at least a little to spread smile on your loved ones faces in your absence. Calling rates have gone down and even international calling is not expensive as before.

We have plenty of options to connect with our people and do the same as we would have done being with them.¬†It’s just a matter of a will power.

Now that reminds me I have to make a call back home :).

When you are alone but not alone in a movie hall

It was Saturday evening. I didn’t want to sit at home and get bored anymore. So thought a movie would be a better option. I could have asked one of my roomies to accompany me but this time I decided to do it alone.

I had seen people watching movie alone. I used to wonder, do they have no friends or are they such a losers that no one wants to accompany them? The questions which came in my mind looking at people watching movie alone I was expecting same to come in others minds. But I had decided. In fact it was on my Bucket List. Just for an experience. For a person like me who hesitates to eat alone in office canteen, going for a movie alone was a big step.

I booked a ticket for the latest romantic movie. While selecting a seat I found one left on the left side of which two tickets were booked so it was very obvious those were occupied by a couple. But who cares. It was Saturday and on top of it, it was a romantic movie. The movie hall was almost full with couples and some groups of friends. I felt little weird to enter the hall alone and searching for my seat but once I settled down I forgot that I was alone, the movie was good enough. I enjoyed the movie with a cold coffee and stepped out of hall confidently.

On my way back I found myself smiling for no reason. May be because I discovered something. I discovered that I don’t have to depend on anyone for my happiness. I experienced ultimate independence and self-confidence. No need to mention but now I can watch any movie alone.

Mirage – An Incomplete Love Story – Sayonara

I was never so close to his heart but now destiny is taking us apart, thousand miles apart. I ‘m flying to US tonight. This was dream come true, I’m supposed to be very happy. Not everyone get this chance so early in their career. I was quite lucky. Even though I wasn’t happy. The only idea of leaving him was pinching me hard. And it was time for me to actually leave everything behind, everything close to my heart. It was very important for me to go to US at the same time else would have refused to go. I was feeling so helpless. I was suffocating.¬†

Everyone in my family was happy for me but little sad as I was going for a year. Mom was little more confused with her emotions, looked tensed and irritated at same time. I convinced her that I can good care of myself. Dad was looking cool but I knew he was worried too. Spending time with my parents was equally important for me. 

It was early morning flight. Sine morning I was busy in packing my stuffs but somewhere occupied in his thoughts. I didn’t even get enough time to spend with him or even talk to him. But I had requested him to drop me at Airport. At least I could see him before going.

He booked cool cab. He reached my place in a cab with one more common friend. He helped me to dump my luggage in¬†dickey. My heart felt heavier than my luggage. ¬†I touched feet of my parents to take blessings, hugged them but didn’t cry. Didn’t want to make them feel bad. I sat in cab beside him but couldn’t say anything. Sometimes you want to say so much that you don’t know how, can’t collect words. I was in similar condition.¬†

There was less traffic on roads at it was late at night and cab was moving faster. We reached airport little early. I seriously didn’t want to step out of cab. I wish I could stay back some more time. He kept my luggage on trolley. The cab left. There was still some time so we waited outside and started discussing over some topic. I wanted to tell him for the last time how much I love him, how much I care. How helpless feeling right now.¬†

It was time for me to leave now. I took charge of the trolley and bid¬†adieu¬†to both of them. Standing in a queue I was constantly looking behind. He was still there. It was so difficult for me to take even one step ahead. Don’t know what happened to me I suddenly turned around, ran towards him and hugged him. I burst into tears. It was so sudden and unexpected for him that he couldn’t react. Even my other friend stood stunned. But I didn’t care. I whispered in his ears “I know you don’t have same feelings for me but I my feelings are pure and even if I stay far they won’t change. I don’t want to lose you, I don’t want to go.” He consoled me, he held my hand and made me stand in queue again. I was so¬†disappointed. But even with tears in eyes I noticed sadness on face. His eyes were trying to say something but did I read them right?

Note: Some stories are to be left incomplete. This is my last thread of this story.

Mirage – An Incomplete Love Story – Marriage Proposal

My mom had already asked me about him though indirectly. The other day she met his mom in vegetable market. When kids grow older these moms have only one topic to discuss “Marriage“. Naturally these two moms also ended up discussing over the same.

On dining table his mom started opening the conversation with him.

“Hey, I met her mom today.”
He: “Good. So?”
She: “Nothing, just telling you. She looked little worried.”
He: “About?”
She: “About her marriage of course. It’s a right age to get married and I heard she’s going to SA for a year?”
He: “Ya, that’s good”
She: “That’s why her mom was worried. She doesn’t want to lose on good proposals”
He: “There’s nothing to worry. She’ll get a good guy.”
She: “Ya, but a mom would worry. A year is a big deal. So I suggested her something”.
He: “What?”.
She : “I said even you are not in hurry to get married in a year to come. So may be…”
He got furious “What are you talking about? Me and her? How can you even think of it?”
She: “What’s the problem? You are friends for almost 6-7 years now. Both earning well. Well settled. We know about her family. And now you only said she’s a nice girl would get a good guy. Then what’s the problem.”
He: “Mom, problem is she’s my friend. I don’t see her that way. How can I get married to her. And besides that being a friend is different and getting into a relationship is different. We both are aggressive. Do you think we can get along?”
She: ” why not and in that case we can match Kundali

He”No, noways I’m gonna do it. She”But what’s the matter in trying once. I have given words to her mom”
He: “Then you should have asked me first before doing it.” And he got up without having food.

4 missed calls? I checked my mobile. It was him trying to reach me. I cursed myself for being so ignorant. How can I miss his calls. I immediately called him. As soon as he picked up the call he almost shouted at me. “Now you involved our parents into this? I told you right I don’t want to be in it. Why don’t you get it?” He misunderstood me. But he was too angry to even listen to me and hanged up. I tried to call him again but didn’t pick my call. I messaged him. Even I wasn’t aware of what all happened. I explained him my side but one thing I got clear, he was so against this relationship. Then was I keeping false hope?

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