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On My Anniversary!!!

Whoa ho ho ho!!! I just can’t believe it’s been a year now. Looks like it’s just been few days. A year ago, on the same day and the same place I entered into a new world, met new people, found new family.  Yessss!!! My blog just completed a year. What were you thinking?? 😉

This one year has been really exciting with 106 posts, 4 pages, 158 followers, 9 awards and unlimited appreciation. And what a coincidence!! Just before I completed a year I received “Bog of the year” award :). With all the love that I received from my fellow bloggers and readers I could reach this point and will continue this beautiful journey.


With Love,

What Life Says


Making this day special for YOU too!

You might have already read my posts about my recent awards. I carried out all my responsibilities after receiving these awards except one and the most important is to give away these awards to those who deserve.

So let me do this noble cause on this my very special day 🙂 and let me make it special to the chosen ones too :).

Starting with One lovely blog award.

1. A beginner this blog grabbed my attention when she started writing about the other side of my fiction story..though she calls herself beginner she has got the talent and hence I would like to give her this award

2. Mozuqu Noir she is so experimental with her canon camera.

3. Bernard Van Velsen I love his pictures too

4. Tracie Louise One of my favorites 🙂

5. Just Spoken Thoughts very poetic

Next the Illuminating Blogger Award and it goes to

1. Steven Tze great pictures

2. My story to you

3. Evil Nymph Stuff she’s one of the sweet little blogger

4. Kenneth Todd

5. David Oak he taught me that the age is no bar to do the things you like.

Congrats to the winners…cheers!!!

With Love

What Life Says

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands

A human hand is capable of doing so many things. It can feed someone hungry, it can offer helping hand to someone needy, it can applaud at someone’s achievement, it can wipe off someone’s tears and it can also go creative.

That’s one my friends trying his HANDS on graffiti 🙂

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The Making of “Creative Sunday”

While everyone else was busy in celebrations and panting easter eggs my friends had some other plans. One of my friends got skateboard and wanted to spray paint it and the other one had covered the beer bottles with thread (real creativity I say :)). As the oldies say “do something constructive in you leisure time” sop we decided to add some colors in the otherwise boring summer afternoon. Creative juices flowing inside everyone and flooding our Sunday. As I got new DSLR I was too much excited to capture this whole experience, The Making of Creative Sunday :).

The used beer bottles after wrapped with thread. Looking more useful now 😉

After lotsa efforts finally we got the spray paints.

Skateboard is ready for some random creativity after the base coat.

Sometimes scarcity of resources leads to new ideas. We used thread to draw lines.

Add some more lines.

Guys are pouring their heart in it. Can’t you see?

Hmmm….still something is missing.

How about some graffiti?

And here’s the masterpiece….

All set to flaunt 😉

Amature Captures

After sharing my experiences I would like to share here few moments which I captured while exploring places or exploring the new in the old.

I hope you would like my experiments just as you liked my experiences.

My Bucket List

I have been reading my fellow bloggers’ posts about their bucket list. And today at breakfast time when I was discussing with my colleagues about my plans to explore some places and some new things I thought it’s a high time that I should prepare a bucket list of my own.

Born and brought up in Mumbai city but I hardly have explored it. And that’s kind of shameful thing according to my friends from other cities who have seen more of Mumbai than me. Sop Exploring my own city, “Mumbai” is gonna be on top of my list.

I have already expressed my wish to taste the Indian cousins and other delicacies in my earlier post. I also need to plan out something to stay fit and look better as described in my New Year post. And I have some crazy thing to try out too.

So here’s my bucket list:

  1. Explore Mumbai
  2. Taste varieties of delicacies
  3. Cook new dishes.
  4. Practice Yoga everyday
  5. Sky diving
  6. Whale watching
  7. Helicopter tour
  8. Trekking
  9. Camping
  10. Watch a movie in theater without any friends.
  11. Visit at least one place in every state in India.
  12. Paragliding and parasailing
  13. River rafting
  14. Learn driving a car.
  15. Get a ride of Harley Davidson bike.
  16. Spend quality time with my family and friends.
  17. Buy SLR (specially for my blogs as I want to post pics clicked by me than downloading from internet)
  18. Take care of my skin and hair. No matter if I’ll have to visit parlor more frequently 😉
  19. Get new haircut.
  20. Gift mom-dad a tour to South Africa (if I’ll be there) or some other country.
  21. Sing in karaoke.
  22. Wish to see live street dance.
  23. Attend music concert.
  24. Watch live international cricket match in stadium. (Though I’m not a cricket fan but just to try something new)
  25. Learn at least one new language.
  26. Try some part time job or business.
  27. Attend Kala Ghoda art festival next time. (This art festival happens in Mumbai at Kala Ghoda every year and this year it just ended few days back…my bad luck)
  28. Get portfolio done(for my own sake 🙂 )
  29. Add some cool stuff in my wardrobe.
  30. Write more versatile blogs (so that I can get versatile blogger award and more…lol)
  31. And last but not the least, get more than 1000 followers for my blog 🙂

The False Creativity!

     I saw this pic on Facebook and I couldn’t stop laughing. My friends and I were discussing on the same topic the other day over coffee.

Nowadays you can find people sharing their creativity on Facebook or the similar social networking sites. Some are truly amazing but 90% of them are just playing with their expensive cameras.

Some of my friends have these DSLRs so I got an opportunity to explore them. I noticed the basic difference between an ordinary Digicam and a DSLR. If you take a simple picture of a simple object it comes out nicer and better with DSLR. And if you’re technically sound and explore the functionalities you can get even better pictures. On top of it people edit pics on Picasa or the similar editor adding more effects and the result is amazing.

So where’s the creativity? I believe the creativity lies in the view. What object are you using? What’s your thought behind capturing that shot? In which angle you are clicking the picture? The creativity lies in these questions.

Yes you need to edit pictures even if you are a good photographer. But mere changing the color and texture doesn’t put you in the list of photographers. Now someone would reply saying it’s just my hobby but then you are the only one claiming for the title. Isn’t it ironic?

Well I’m not here to raise question on someone’s ability but I believe I have rights to express my view especially when people are flooding my wall with their so called “creativity”.

The girl I met

          I’m a coastal girl but surprisingly beaches do not attract me much. On our trip to Cape Town my friends were eager to jump into the water. On our last day we decided to get wet and have some fun. Me too went ahead but didn’t find any interest plus the salty water was annoying me. I just turned back and sat on a rock.

          Sitting on the rock and observing every wave touching my feet I lost in my thoughts. I don’t know for how long I was in that state but suddenly a soft voice woke me up “I too like Tinkerbell”. I looked back; she was looking so excited seeing my tattoo. “Is that permanent tattoo?” she asked me. I got surprised how come such a little girl knows about tattoo and all. She sat beside me and we started discussing about my tattoo. She wanted to have one and got disappointed when I told her that she can only get tattooed when she’ll be of my age.”Oh! That’s so far. I’m just 8 now”. She looked even cuter.

          She asked me so many questions; about my hobbies my place my friends and I kept answering them all. I like kids but when they start asking lotsa questions I get irritated easily but this time I was keen to know what’s in her mind. Coincidently we shared lot many common interests right from the dance to not swimming in the ocean :). When I asked her why she isn’t swimming she replied innocently “you never know what’s there inside.” Even I get this thought.

         My friends were enjoying swimming in the ocean and I was enjoying company of 8 years old girl. I didn’t feel the age difference. I don’t know her name neither I remember where she belongs to but I’ll surely remember the chat we had and her cute face. And maybe she’ll remember my tattoo. So this post is dedicated to her for a sweet memory.

An art of Cooking

         Few years back for me cooking was a married woman’s responsibility. In our society we prefer to cook for our family than to hire a cook. My mom is a housewife and I have two elder sisters. Being the younger one I never felt the need to step into kitchen except for feeling my tummy, but that was until my sisters got married. Even then I hardly used to cook anything.

       When I moved to Pune that was the first time when I actually started dealing with bits and pieces of this world; right from grocery shopping to cooking basic dishes; everything for the first time. We prefer vegetarian food and since my cooking list was limited I used to be in trouble deciding everyday’s menu. I really admire my mom for the pain she took every day to cook different dishes, taking so many efforts to ensure that the taste just gets better to best each day. Tough Job Mom…Love you for that!!!  J

       My mom is an excellent cook and is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to cooking. She can cook number of dishes including different desserts for ‘n’ no of people on her own and she doesn’t like anyone to interfere in kitchen when she’s cooking. That was one of the reasons which restrained me from it.

       Staying away from family taught me many things including cooking (at least some basic dishes). But still there wasn’t an interest. It was still a task for me. The real interest came when I came to SA. The whole kitchen under my control as my roommate used to hardly cook. Our kitchen was fully equipped which added into my interest.

      With so much of enthusiasm I started trying different dishes, some traditionally Indian, some snacks items and some bakery stuffs. I was so happy about myself and feeling proud that wanted to share with my friends who had always been guinea pigs for my experiments (But I never let them down) I experienced a mere joy of giving and feeding others. I was surprised with my new avatar. Wasn’t sure whether it was because I entered into that stage or simply coz I achieved something.

      In Hinduism, a lady in family is considered as “Annapurna”, the goddess of food. Traditionally a woman used to look after her family and man used to earn for the family. Nowadays even women go out, explore the world, and do everything which men can do but still in many families woman prefer to cook; not only because their families demand it but it‘s a part of their nature or a ladyhood.

     I learnt that with age your interests change. May be I’m in the stage where cooking interests me and more than that cooking and feeding others gives me immense pleasure. Now I realised that cooking is not just for feeling your stomach; it’s a pleasure to your eyes the way it is presented, to your senses the way it smells and to your taste buds the way it tastes. It’s an art which gives happiness and pleasure to everyone.

       Sharing pics of some of my experiments, mom would be proud to see them J

Chiwda - Traditional Indian Diwali Snack


Rotis - finally i got them in right shape and all in same size


Chocolate Muffins - Tried for the first time


Mug Cake with Ice-cream - an instant dessert

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