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Stereo Heart <3

Disclaimer: This isn’t a music review but an attempt to express my love for the music and for this particular song

Stereo Hearts” is a song by American group Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine, lead singer of band Maroon 5. The song was first released on June 14, 2011. as the lead single from the group’s fifth studio album, The Papercut Chronicles II (2011).

This is what you’ll find out on Wikipedia. But for me this song is more than that. Its beats caught my attention when I happen to listen to it for the first time but when I read the lyrics I fell in love with the song.



So whenever I feel low or need something to boost my mood I go with its lyrics and play it loud.


It takes me on an imaginary long drive, I keep driving and the song keeps playing in the background. Well even right now I’m listening to it to let my emotions flow.


There isn’t a single day I haven’t listened to this song and whenever I listen to it I forget bout the world around me. My iShuffle becomes boombox and I become the one Adam probably is singing for ;). I’m so crazy about it that I was thinking of getting Stereo Heart tattoo…may be something like this


May be some day someone special will sing it for me as well :*

My heart’s a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio


My Bucket List

I have been reading my fellow bloggers’ posts about their bucket list. And today at breakfast time when I was discussing with my colleagues about my plans to explore some places and some new things I thought it’s a high time that I should prepare a bucket list of my own.

Born and brought up in Mumbai city but I hardly have explored it. And that’s kind of shameful thing according to my friends from other cities who have seen more of Mumbai than me. Sop Exploring my own city, “Mumbai” is gonna be on top of my list.

I have already expressed my wish to taste the Indian cousins and other delicacies in my earlier post. I also need to plan out something to stay fit and look better as described in my New Year post. And I have some crazy thing to try out too.

So here’s my bucket list:

  1. Explore Mumbai
  2. Taste varieties of delicacies
  3. Cook new dishes.
  4. Practice Yoga everyday
  5. Sky diving
  6. Whale watching
  7. Helicopter tour
  8. Trekking
  9. Camping
  10. Watch a movie in theater without any friends.
  11. Visit at least one place in every state in India.
  12. Paragliding and parasailing
  13. River rafting
  14. Learn driving a car.
  15. Get a ride of Harley Davidson bike.
  16. Spend quality time with my family and friends.
  17. Buy SLR (specially for my blogs as I want to post pics clicked by me than downloading from internet)
  18. Take care of my skin and hair. No matter if I’ll have to visit parlor more frequently 😉
  19. Get new haircut.
  20. Gift mom-dad a tour to South Africa (if I’ll be there) or some other country.
  21. Sing in karaoke.
  22. Wish to see live street dance.
  23. Attend music concert.
  24. Watch live international cricket match in stadium. (Though I’m not a cricket fan but just to try something new)
  25. Learn at least one new language.
  26. Try some part time job or business.
  27. Attend Kala Ghoda art festival next time. (This art festival happens in Mumbai at Kala Ghoda every year and this year it just ended few days back…my bad luck)
  28. Get portfolio done(for my own sake 🙂 )
  29. Add some cool stuff in my wardrobe.
  30. Write more versatile blogs (so that I can get versatile blogger award and more…lol)
  31. And last but not the least, get more than 1000 followers for my blog 🙂

Agnee – SplitsVilla Theme

It has rain drops, the cool breeze filled with love, the romance and all that which can make you fall in love.

No  words but still the emotions conveyed so well that it touches your heart the moment you listen to it. The voice is so soothing that you feel the love within you. You feel you got wings and now you are flying with content heart. Love is in the air. Everything’s blended so well, the tune, guitar and the ragas; it makes you forget the world around you. You can’t stop thinking about your partner (if you have one).

The band- Agnee, has come up with various versions of this song but I personally like this one. Sometimes so much said without saying a word.

Musical Noise

Vocalist shouting at the top of his voice, guitarist playing till he dies, loud       music…hard rock…Gosh so noisy. How can people listen to such kind of music? Can   you even call it as music? I listened to many live bands performing Rock…I could see people enjoying it, banging their heads…and I used to sit with absolutely no expressions on my face.

Music is something which gives you peace of mind, which makes you dance and forget rest of the world.  Music is soulful, music is refreshing. This was my definition of Music until I met a person who made me listen to Rock forcefully. I had no option coz I can’t close my ears…I wish I could. He used to keep telling me once you listen to rock and understand the lyrics you’ll love it and I used to argue with him that rock is not my cup of tea and you can’t forcefully make someone to like something which is not his/her kind.

Ya the tune is good but I can’t handle the loudness and noise. But after listening to it almost every day I got used to of this noise. Then I put some efforts to download lyrics and understand the meaning and then I realised why they are screaming, why they are so restless and now I agree with my friend (not totally though).

Till now the bands like Linkin’ Park, Coldplay, 3 doors down were nothing but a group of psychos for me…now they are in my list of favourites and the songs are in my iPod. Now this noise has become music to my ears. Now I can go to Hard Rock Cafe and actually enjoy it along with other people J

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