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Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer

This week’s theme looks much interesting as it’s summer in India. So there’s a room for lot many ideas and pictures for this week’s theme. But due to some personal commitments I am quite late for posting it.

For Indians, summer is incomplete without delicious and mouth-watering Mangoes. So what else could have been better to interpret summer being an Indian? 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands

A human hand is capable of doing so many things. It can feed someone hungry, it can offer helping hand to someone needy, it can applaud at someone’s achievement, it can wipe off someone’s tears and it can also go creative.

That’s one my friends trying his HANDS on graffiti 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Blue

Whenever we think of blue what comes in our mind is the sky and water(even though we know water is colorless). Though this picture wasn’t clicked by me but I’m there in it trying to conquer my fear and see little sharks. Nothing can get more blue than this.

Where: Ushaka Marine, Durban, South Africa.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused

This one was mere an experiment but sometimes such pictures come for rescue when such different topics are given 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge – Together

Together we eat, together we shop, together we smile, together we have fun.

That’s our friendship, together we cherish :).

My college gang

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Sun

These ones are from my old diary.

These were taken at the end of our safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects

Using this image again 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Journey

Place: Cape Town, South Africa… On our way to Chapman’s Peak

Camera: My Nokia E5 mobile, 5 Mega Pixel

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Arranged

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