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Sorry… for being a Girl

While the entire nation is fighting against the heinous crime took place on 16th Dec’12 in the Capital of India and fighting for enforcement of strict law and safety of women, the so called “leaders” in Indian politics are making absurd comments.

gangrape-1_350_122912081535First ” Abhijeet Mukherji” ; the Congress MP and son of our very own President Pranab Mukherji, hurt the sentiments of women protesters by addressing them as “dented/painted” indirectly suggesting that those who party late, put on heavy make-up and wear fancy cloths have no rights to protest against anything unfair happening in the society, they also do not have any rights to be socially aware. I seriously don’t understand the logic behind it. If so then even our celebrities don’t have any rights to speak about any social issues. It shows how narrow minded these people are even after being educated well.

Then CMP MLA and former West Bengal minister Anisur Rahman, who went one step ahead by asking CM of West Bengal Mamta Bannerjee her charges for getting raped. If this fellow can have guts to make such comments on the CM of his state then we can only imagine how he would be treating other women in the society.

And now recently (who’s who) a senior BJP leader from Madhya Pradesh, Kailash Vijayvargiya, has asked women to be in their limits else they’ll get punished just as Sita. First of all I personally don’t find any sense why Sita was punished and secondly if there has to be any limit then it should be for both men and women. I like what Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra stated after Delhi incident; “I may be walking naked but you still don’t have rights to rape me”. Absolutely right. Nobody and I mean nobody in this entire world has right to rape any girl/woman, no matter what she’s wearing or doing.

Some are trying to get away by blaming the western culture for such activities. But at the same time people forget that we come to know about such cases because they are reported at the first place. People in cities like Delhi or Mumbai are modern enough to stand up to fight against crime happened with women. If you think about the rural areas or villages, people feel lodging such complaints would only harm their image in society and bring them embarrassment. And even if they show some guts to do so they likely to be threatened.

If it had been the effect of westernization then there should have been more such cases in western countries and none in ancient  India. Also if you study these cases happening in cities you may find many accused are from small villages of India. So I guess by blaming western culture you are indirectly pointing finger at how girls in cities conduct themselves.

Instead of blaming any culture, be it western or eastern, you need to dig deeper to find the root cause, which is according to me is that most of the men in our society don’t treat women as a human being and an entertainment object instead. They might worship the goddesses but they lack respect towards women around them.

While we are discussing the ways to punish the culprits and safety of our women, such comments not only disturb us but also make us think, is this the average mentality of Indian men? Is this what all guys around us think about us? Our colleagues  our friends and for that matter the men in our family? Then from whom we are hiding, running away or protecting ourselves?

The scars are not yet healed and we already started getting news about rape cases in different parts of the country. And not all are illiterate or lower class people. Even the men working in MNCs are involved in such crimes showing their animal instinct and lack of respect towards women. And why to blame only the accused. We too just play the role of spectator. We don’t anything to stop the crime and don’t do anything even when the crime has happened. When the Delhi gang rape victim was thrown out of bus naked, shivering and bleeding no one even cared to cover her with shawl. We have become so numb.

I wonder whether a woman’s body is just for being used and thrown away like litter or do we actually deserve to be treated like a human being?

Delhi protest for gang-rape victimI read somewhere, “A girl is neither safe inside a womb, nor outside”. And sadly it’s a fact. Right from the female foeticide to sexual harassment they keep reminding us it’s not a good world for a girl to live. I born in a family with good values but they too don’t allow me to stay out late as my brother would, not because they discriminate between a girl and a boy but they know there’s a bad world outside and never know when and how I’ll have to pay a price of being born as a girl.


They tore me apart again

I’m angry, I’m hell angry, beyond your imagination. I’m shivering with anger. Want to cry loud, want to break things and top of everything I want to break their skulls, torture them to death, burn their skin and leave them to live a life they never ever imagined. They’ll want to die but won’t be able to. That will be the right punishment for these bastards for what they have done to an innocent soul and they have been doing it again and again.

I’m sure every single Indian mind is churning with these thoughts after that very unfortunate incident. But this is a time to act not just think. It’s a high time not only for Indian society but for entire world and entire human race, for it is not limited to one particular society, it’s an international issue. I’m not at all feeling good-by highlighting this side of my country but it’s not about country’s image it’s about the safety of women of my country and entire world.

It is a serious offence which unfortunately never have been treated that seriously. Even the death sentence is mild punishment for this crime. It’s not only physical loss but mental torture for the victim. A girl, whether she’s married or unmarried is still held responsible  for it in our society. For the way she’s dressed or her lifestyles or for that matter one wrong decision she made on that   very day of choosing to board in to that bus or cab. rapeprotestBut I wonder won’t these psycho rape a woman in Burkha? They will definitely. Coz the problem is not related to how a girl is dressed the problem is how she is treated by the men in society, their mentality which is so sick. These beasts are so desperate and mentally ill that they don’t even spare girls of age 3 or 4. The only reason I can see is they have no fear of law. They don’t even think once before committing such crime as they know even if they get caught they can spend their entire lives in prison with free food at doorstep and shelter. And what the victim is left with? A life which she can either spend in helping other victims and become a social-worker or just give up.

The only way we can stop or minimize this crime is to have torturous punishment, that no one will ever dare to even think about.

Now I’m Beautiful too :)

It’s hardly been 5 months that I started blogging; but it has given me so many things. It not only helped me discover myself but I found some really nice people here. My fellow bloggers not only encouraged me but had been saying such a lovely words.

While some love me as their daughter, for some I’m a good friend. Some find me Kreative, some Versatile. Some think I’m Inspiring while others are running short of words (ABC).

And now few days back I realized I’m beautiful too ;). Thanks to two beautiful souls Nabadip (young star) and Aamina (a friend from the other side of the border) for giving me this compliment :). Both of them honored me with this award the same day and made my day more beautiful :).

Now as all of us are aware, I have to carry out my duties of receiving the award.

1.Thank the person who gave you the award – already done 🙂
2.Paste the award on your blog – checked
3.Link the person who nominated you for the award – yes, I did
4.Nominate your choice of bloggers
5.Post links to the blogs you nominated

They say “Happiness comes from sharing” , so I’m gonna make 5 more beautiful bloggers happy today 🙂 (In no particular order)

1. Sapna

2. Madhu

3. Prakshi

4. Canon

5. 3rdCultureChildren

Coincidentally all the ladies are nominated, guys please don’t beat me ;).

Congratulations to all 5 beautiful ladies…keep posting.

And this song is dedicated to all my beautiful fellow bloggers 🙂


What Life Says

That’s why we love Shopping!

Who doesn’t love shopping? Well this question is not only for girls, ladies and women ;); we all are very much aware how girls are mad about it but guys (at least the ones I know) run away from shopping, even if it’s their own. But after reading this post they might change their minds :).

Shopping….it’s time consuming and wastage of money..that’s what you guys think right? So here I’m going to list down some very interesting points…the benefits which shopping brings along with it.

1. Distressing: Shopping acts as distressing activity for us. I’m saying this from personal experience :). If we are feeling low, our day has been dull; shopping can brighten up our day with all those colorful apparels, shoes and accessories. So you don’t have to take us to meditation center or even have to face those unnecessary fights.

2. Simple and pleasurable exercise: It is well-known that almost 90% girls take a couple of hours to buy one thing. No matter where we are shopping, in mall or on a street; to buy that particular dress we would be walking miles and miles and walking is one of the best exercises; it’s pleasurable as well when it’s accompanied by shopping;). so it saves time and money that we might spend in gym :).

3. Motivating: First two points are quite obvious. But how shopping can be motivating? Not able to guess?.. Well when we are out for shopping we all have certain limits on how much you can spend ( if you think we always shop over the limit), even if we (or our partners) are millionaire. Many a times we face a situation where we like a beautiful dress or jewellery but looking at the price we just can’t buy. This gives us motivation to earn more and more so that next time we are out for shopping we won’t have to compromise or be upset ;). We don’t always like to spend your money.

4. Time with friends: Shopping gives us an opportunity to spend some quality time with our loved ones including you :). And a cup of coffee after that is just like icing on the cake. We can catch up with all the latest news and gossips which we are not able to do as we are busy with office and carrying out other responsibilities. (Even you can get freedom till the time we are shopping, won’t you love it?).

5. Monitoring tool: Haha…the point is quite funny but it’s true. My dear ladies, how many times while trying cloths you feel that you have gained some weight or you not fitting into the regular size? Quite often? well that’s how shopping let’s us know the changes in our body shape ;). And again it motivates us to exercise and regain the shape and weight we (and also you) always wanted to be in :).

6. Awareness: How are we supposed to know about the latest trends and styles until and unless we go shopping? And you too will love to see us in those pretty dresses and accessories right?

Sop guys, shopping isn’t spending money and wasting time, it’s a wholesome experience. And how will you measure that lovely smile on your GF, wife or sister’s face when you allow her to shop the way she wants?

“Create her ~ grater”

“Create her ~ grater”.

On our day!

8th March, International Women’s Day. I feel very special on this day just as I feel special on my birthday and I feel proud to be one of these species. I tend to observe every woman walking on road or working in next cubicle wondering whether she’s too feeling the same. 

I can tell you the success stories of women in India or for that matter in world but this time I would like to share stories of women in my life who have moulded me and inspired me throughout to become what I am today and I wish to meet many more to add to this list. Inspiration is always good.

The Creator

For any human being the first inspiration and guide is his/her mother.  I am no exception. My mom is simple but very strict and she knows very well how to handle different kinds of people and any kind of situation. I call her homemaker and not housewife as without her there’s no home; there’s no family. She has an ability to even manage events like marriage single-handedly. She always inspires me for the ultimate enthusiasm she shows and the knowledge she has. When she walks on a street there is hardly any person who doesn’t greet her. It takes her 30 mins to cover 5 mins distance. She needs no Facebook. She has her own social network. She is a great cook and loves to feed people. Even though she personally didn’t teach me how to cook but I believe it’s in my genes and it comes out when I’m cooking.

Thanks “Aai” for inheriting all these good qualities in me.

The Guide

10 to 12 years of schooling is a real foundation of your personality and teacher are your ultimate guides. I’ll tell you about two of my teachers here.

The first one was our sports teacher. She might be the only female sports teacher in our school in those days. She always encouraged us to play different kinds of sports and because of her only I could take part in Inter-school kho-kho tournament. Else I’m not actually a sports person.

The other one was our language teacher. In entire school our class was known as her own kids and for any mischief or achievement she would get credit just as ones parents would get.

Both of our teachers helped us in school and even outside school, a continuous guidance.

The Companion

I have two sisters. Both elder to me so I had and am always been treated nicely. I never had to buy even smallest things like nail-paint as they used to give me everything I needed. I never had to do any household work until they got married. I used to just study and play with my friends :).

Of course I have some lovely friends of school time, college time and some colleagues turned friends. They all inspire me in one or the other way. Someone is very stylish, someone is sporty, someone sings well, someone is carrier-oriented and someone is a family person. They are not just friends in need but they truly helped me in becoming better person.

I’m very lucky to have so many inspirational souls around me. They all are special. In fact every woman is special as she has the capability to create and mould.

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