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People behind words and lenses – Kam

When I created my account on WordPress (with a help of a friend) I never thought that I would be so consistent and I would meet so many wonderful people who’ll leave mark in my life forever. So I thought I can start with this series “People behind words and lenses” dedicated to all those lovely people I met here and it has to start with the first among those wonderful people…”Kam“.

It wouldn’t have been possible for me without his continuous support and motivation to improve and write more and more. He not only liked my posts but wrote longer than my post comments ;). ( can still write long comments unless WordPress has word count limit :)).

Then on one fine day he honored me by making me editor of his blog. But who am I to edit his blog? or for that matter anyone else’s work. The words we write here are not just words but they are our feelings and experiences which the person has lived. Who am I to change that? But I accepted the responsibility as he insisted.

Then he extended friendship by lending me his all new DSLR…oh I was so touched with his kind gesture! Who would do that for a person he/she haven’t even seen but he’s that kind. It helped me not only explore places but explore my new found interest in photography and today I have my own DSLR…Thanks Kam and I really mean it 🙂 We all met on one evening for the first time to collect camera. That day I came to know that his real name isn’t Kam…it’s Shahi. But I still prefer calling him Kam as all my memories are related with Kam and I don’t wish to Edit it ;).

Kam (on left) with Rahul

Colors Everywhere

On the cloths, on the faces

On the floor, in the air,

Red or green, chose your color

Color everything, Colors everywhere

      Well I’m just trying to be poetic 😉 Blue, orange, red, green, all are invited in this unique festival of colors, “Holi”. Just as all these colors mixed into each other, people come together, leaving all their differences behind to celebrate Holi. Only fun and mischief is allowed.

      I stopped playing Holi long time back as I’m allergic to the chemicals used in colors these days. But it’s always fun to watch others play and get absolutely drenched in different colors. Ultimately the only color left on everyone’s faces is black and believe me after getting colored so much you can not even recognize your spouse ;).

This Holi I was in my old society in Pune and thanks to my friend Kam who lended his second GF, his all new Canon DSLR to me, I got real colorful shots.

Decorated Holi
Aerial View

Holika was a demon which was burnt on the previous night of Holi.

Holika Dahan

People color each other and greet “Happy Holi”.

Happy Holi

Holi is a festival for everyone and for all ages..

Age no bar

This cutie pie was also in with her own “Pichkari”.

I too wanna play Holi 🙂
Chose your color

When you know you are going to get colored there is no point in resisting. You just can’t escape..

There is no escape

what are you looking at?

My friends…yes I can recognize them 🙂

Happy Faces

And I was done with my photo shoot. Watching everyone playing and enjoying so much I just couldn’t resist myself…

The False Creativity!

     I saw this pic on Facebook and I couldn’t stop laughing. My friends and I were discussing on the same topic the other day over coffee.

Nowadays you can find people sharing their creativity on Facebook or the similar social networking sites. Some are truly amazing but 90% of them are just playing with their expensive cameras.

Some of my friends have these DSLRs so I got an opportunity to explore them. I noticed the basic difference between an ordinary Digicam and a DSLR. If you take a simple picture of a simple object it comes out nicer and better with DSLR. And if you’re technically sound and explore the functionalities you can get even better pictures. On top of it people edit pics on Picasa or the similar editor adding more effects and the result is amazing.

So where’s the creativity? I believe the creativity lies in the view. What object are you using? What’s your thought behind capturing that shot? In which angle you are clicking the picture? The creativity lies in these questions.

Yes you need to edit pictures even if you are a good photographer. But mere changing the color and texture doesn’t put you in the list of photographers. Now someone would reply saying it’s just my hobby but then you are the only one claiming for the title. Isn’t it ironic?

Well I’m not here to raise question on someone’s ability but I believe I have rights to express my view especially when people are flooding my wall with their so called “creativity”.

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