Few months ago I had published my first Bucket List on my blog. Now it looks very lame to me…it was prepared considering the things possible in this year. But now I find a need to list down my dreams. A list which has no limits of time, money, accessibility, nothing at all.

So here’s my Bucket List of Dreams apart from the one I had listed before.

1. Roam in most expensive and luxuries car in the world.

2. Shop unlimited.

3. Have an exotic vacation with my life-partner.

4. See the whole world including 7 wonders.

5. Travel by most amazing trains in different parts of world.

6. Own a Mini Cooper..my latest crush 🙂

7. Have a collection of wrist watches, at least one of each brand 🙂

8. Be a part of flash mob someday somewhere

And the list goes on…